"Combine the wisdom of the east with the science of the west, then seek."
- The American Taoist

This site is for the serious seeker of esoteric knowledge and wisdom, who wishes to learn, in simple terms, how to live as a Radical Taoist in a modern world.


What does it mean to be a Taoist? Over time, the word "Tao" has taken on many meanings but the most basic translation is simply "The Way", which implies not only a path one travels upon but also a method, style or manner of doing something. As a practice, Taoism can usually be divided into three categories: philosophical, physical or religious.

Philosophical Taoism deals primarily with theories of cosmology to help us understand our place in the universe. Physical Taoism employs the use of posture and movement to increase the flow and storage of one's vital life energy or chi, to enhance one's health and prolong one's life. Religious Taoism makes heavy use of ritual to create an emotional connection to the supermundane.


However, none of these approaches are what we offer, for each of these Ways are incomplete. The philosopher lacks practical application and feeling. The physical practitioner lacks understanding and feeling. The religious adherent lacks understanding and practical experience. Each of these paths leads to a type of lopsided development.


In ancient times, if a Taoist practitioner of one of the three common ways achieved a high degree of attainment, he or she would be whisked away to another school to practice another discipline. Training was linear and thus took a lifetime or many lifetimes of study and practice. In fact, it was exceedingly rare for one to be able to train in two ways let alone all three a single lifetime.

If one knows the secret, there is another way, whereby instead of progressing from one discipline to the next, one may practice all three disciplines simultaneously and achieve in a single lifetime, that which may take several lifetimes in the other three ways. 


We call this approach "Radical Taoism" because it does not require one to join a monastery or live a life of seclusion. In fact, for reasons that will become clear, it can only be practiced in the midst of one's real life at the point in time when they find this way.

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